Who We Are

The American Association of Health and Human Services Attorneys (AAHHSA) is an affiliate of the American Public Human Services Association. Its members consist of attorneys employed by state or local departments of health and human services. AAHHSA members also include attorneys employed by other government agencies who provide legal counsel to public welfare programs.


Our Mission
The mission of the AAHHSA is to encourage the discussion of legal matters pertaining to public welfare and the cordial exchange of experience and knowledge related to the development of public welfare policy.


Our Work
The AAHHSA holds an annual four-day national conference at select locations for attorneys interested in obtaining training and continuing education. This event convenes public welfare attorneys, law professionals and stakeholders to discuss and exchange information and ideas on a wide variety of topics of interest to its membership. These include Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, child welfare law and sometimes privacy laws that affect the delivery of public welfare services. AAHHSA members also consult electronically throughout the year, sharing information and assisting each other as legal issues develop.


Our Members
Any member of the bar association of any district, state, territory, political subdivision or tribal entity who is actively engaged as an employee of a public welfare agency or an employee of an attorney general, or equivalent officer, is entitled to full membership. Any member who leaves public employment and any member of the Bar who is an employee of the federal government or an employee of a grantee of the Legal Services Corporation, or similar organizations, is entitled to membership, but may not vote nor hold office. Click here to view our bylaws.


Our Member Benefits
AAHHSA members have access to publications from the American Public Human Services Association and many participate in other national forums supporting the work of public welfare attorneys. AAHHSA members are considered individual members of APHSA. Registration fees to AAHHSA conferences also include individual membership fees. Click here to get more information about becoming a member.


Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the AAHHSA. It consists of the four AAHHSA officers, six regional chairs, two representatives from each of the six regions, four at-large members and the past presidents of the AAHHSA. Please click here for the names and contact information of Executive Committee members. 



AAPWA 47th Annual National Training and Continuing Education Conference