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NEW! February 26, 2016 - The National Collaborative's Workforce Committee released its report, "Human Resources as a Strategic Partner for H/HS." The report summarizes state/local findings from a survey sent in Fall, 2015 to collect information on how H/HS leaders leverage the HR function in their agencies. It provides recommendations for how to close the gaps between the current "as-is" partnerships and where HR could be more useful in driving the direction of ones' agency. 


Click here to access the report!



NEW! December 17, 2015 - The National Collaborative's Analytics Committee released the 2015 Roadmap to Capacity Building in Analytics, a white paper building upon the Committee's 2014 Analytic Capability Roadmap 1.0 for Human Service Agencies. The 2015 Roadmap provides information on:

  • Analytical capabilities required for successful analytical efforts;
  • Skill sets as well as governance structures & change management processes for such efforts;
  • Practical examples of existing solutions across public and private health and human service sectors. 


NEW! December 4, 2015 - The National Collaborative releases On the Road to Horizontal Integration: Results from APHSA's 2015 National Survey of Health & Human Service Agencies, which is this year's national scan of public-sector agencies to further understand where they are on the road to service integration and data interoperability along the Human Services Value Curve. The report also outlines national trends over the past two years since the initial 2013 national scan.

Click here to access the report!



October 19, 2015 Webinar - Building a Better Service Deilvery System: Breaking Down Silos   AUDIO/SLIDES


APHSA's National Collaborative for Integration of H/HS has made great strides in promoting strategies for h/hs integration. States are currently building a technology infrastructure to support this vision. Speakers on this webinar will focus on the human resources (talent), process, and policy aspects of integration using examples and case studies. Participants will learn how states are organizing their workforces to truly deliver services in a holistic manner and practical strategis to address process and policy barriers. 



Mary Ann Cooney, New Hampshire DHHS

Amy Lapierre, Rhode Island EOHHS

Lindsay Hough, Deloitte

Elizabeth Bacon, Deloitte

Megan Lape, Ntl Collaborative/APHSA



October 13, 2015: APHSA Submits Comments on ACF's Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System NPRM



October, 2015: APHSA's Health & Human Services Value Curve Toolkit

Using the Human Services Value Curve framework developed by Harvard, the National Collaborative's Health & Human Services Integration Maturity Model and findings from our national scan of the states & localities, APHSA has developed a toolkit for state & local leaders to help implement the change required to improve health and human services outcomes. Click here to access the Toolkit!



Center for Budget & Policy Priorities' National Program Integration Task Force released an issue paper identifying and evaluating opportunities to align eligibility and enrollment policies & procedures between SNAP & Medicaid. 



July, 2015 - HHS & USDA Formally Announce 3 Year Extension to A-87 Exception & Expansion of Access to the CALT by HS Programs




Due to NWI's past success and the accelerating interest by states and localities in the potential benefits that horizontal integration of services hold for them, APHSA has decided to take NWI to the next level. Read more....



National Collaborative/NWI 5th Annual Meeting, April 16-17, 2015

At the 5th Annual Meeting, APHSA launched the National Collaborative for Integration of Health & Human services (National Collaborative) aimed to expand upon NWI's efforts to transform the nation's health and human services system. The NC focused on elements of successful integration efforts as well as real-world examples of horizontal integration impacting population health and well-being.


2015 NC/NWI Meeting Summary




Day 1 - April 16, 2015


Where We've Been and Where We're Going

Anita Light, Director, National Collaborative

Megan Lape, National Collaborative & Chair, H/HS Integration Maturity Model Task Force  *Also see the NC H/HS Integration Maturity Model v2

Allison Davis, NJ DHS, Co-Chair, Analytics Committee

Brian Howells, PCG, Co-Chair, Workforce Committee


Politics, Money & Rising Caseloads: What's Driving the Integration Agenda?

Ron Smith, Director of Legislative Affairs, APHSA

Rick Friedman, H/HS Consultant, APHSA


From the Client's Perspective: Examples of Horizontal Integration

Bill Hazel, MD, Secretary, Health & Human Resources Agency, Commonwealth of Virginia

Kevin Burt, Policy & Program Assistant Director, Department of Workforce Services, State of Utah

Uma Ahluwalia, Director, Department of Health & Human Services, Montgomery County, Maryland


Successful Partnerships: Lessons Learned from States/Locals

Anita Light, Director, National Collaborative

Stephanie Muth, Deputy Executive Director, Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Anita Friedman, Deputy Director, Department of Human Services, Arlington County, Virginia and Jeanne Booth, Economic Independence Division Chief, Department of Human Services, Arlington County, Virginia



Day 2 - April 17, 2015


How is Data Sharing Enabling Integrated Service Delivery and Successful Partnerships?

Allison Davis, Senior Researcher and Executive Manager, Division of Family Development's Research, Operations and Reporting Unit, Department of Human Services, State of New Jersey

Melissa Beard, Data Governance Coordinator, Education, Research and Data Center, Office of Financial Managemetn, State of Washington

Arthur Lomboy, Business Intelligence Data Manager, Department of Social Services, Monterey County, California


Examples from the Field: Moving Up the Curve

Heidi Welsch, Director, Family Support and Assistance Division, Department of Community Services, Olmsted County, Minnesota

Jane Wilson, Program Development Manager, Planning, Research, Evaluation and Engagement, Office of the Director, Human Services Department, Sonoma County, California

(Also see





A-87 Exception:


June, 2015: APHSA Submits Comments on Medicaid Mechanized Claims Processing & Information Retrieval System NPRM (aka 90/10 NPRM)


October 28, 2014: Medicaid E&E 90/10 FFP & A-87 Exception Extended!

CMS issued a letter to APHSA and the National Association of Medicaid Directors announcing their intent to propose regulations permanently extending the availability of 90 percent funding federal matching funds for Medicaid eligbility and enrollment systems and to provide guidance authorizing a three-year extension of the OMB A-87 cost allocation exception. The full letter is available here.


REVISED TOOLKIT- July 11, 2014: A-87 Exception Toolkit for Human Service Agencies: Description of the Exception and Recommendations for ActionThe report was originally released on a joint call with APHSA and Federal State Systems Directors from ACF, CMS & FNS on January 23, 2014. Click here to access the slides. 



March, 2015: ASPE/HHS Releases Final Report of HHS Integration Project


August, 2014: ACF Releases Confidentiality Toolkit & Launches NIEM's Human Services Domain's IEPD Repository 







Hear from states & localities from around the country discuss topics includingsystem modernization, data sharing, new governance and business models fostering h/hs integration, repurposing the workforce and how health reform has impacted human services. 


For more information on the NWI Webinar Series, contact Megan Lape




Materials from NWI's 4th Annual Convening Available Here!


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