CWD Public Comments and Letters


APHSA Comment Letter on Career Pathways, submitted to the Departments of Education, Labor, and Health and Human Services, June 2014 (pdf


APHSA Comments on the Promoting the Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income (PROMISE) Public Input Notice, submitted to the U.S. Department of Education (March 2013)


APHSA Comment Letter on Proposed Rule CMS: Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Programs, and Exchanges: Essential Health Benefits in Alternative Benefit Plans, Eligibility Notices, Fair Hearing and Appeal Processes for Medicaid and Exchange Eligibility Appeals and Other Provisions Related to Eligibility and Enrollment for Exchanges, Medicaid and CHIP, and Medicaid Premiums and Cost Sharing (February 2013)


APHSA/NASMD Comment Letter on School-Based Services and Transportation (.pdf)


APHSA/NASMD/NAPCWA Comment Letter on Rehabilitative Services (.pdf)


APHSA Comments on SSA Proposed Rule to Exempt Work Activity as a Basis for a Continuing Disability Review (.pdf)


APHSA Comments on SSA Proposed Rules for the Issuance of Work Receipts; Payment of Benefits for Trial Work Period Service Months after a Fraud Conviction; Changes to the Student Earned Income Exclusion; and Expansion of the Reentitlement Period for Childhood Disability Benefits (.pdf)


APHSA Comments on SSA’s Proposed Amendments to the Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program (.pdf)


APHSA Comments on SSA’s Proposed Revisions of the Age Categories as a Factor in Evaluating Disability (.pdf)


APHSA Comments on SSA Proposed Rule to Change the Initial Disability Determination Process (.pdf)