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The National Association for Program Information and Performance Measurement (NAPIPM) is an affiliate of the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). NAPIPM is the only national membership organization dedicated to assisting professional public human service agency staff and other stakeholders who are engaged in assessing and improving program information, performance, and outcomes. Its membership is open to agencies and individuals interested in enhancing the integrity and outcomes of human service programs. 


NAPIPM oversees four technical advisory groups (TAGs) composed of NAPIPM members that work closely with their federal counterparts and convene workgroups as needed when issues arise. NAPIPMā€™s Executive Advisory Council and membership provides input and support for APHSA initiatives, particularly those directly related to the operational integrity and effectiveness of human service programs.


Vision - To achieve better outcomes for those served by human service benefit and support programs by strengthening program integrity, accountability, data analysis, and outcome measures. 

Mission - To promote and enhance excellence and integrity in the development, collection, analysis, and evaluation of program data, outcomes and performance information for use in informed decision making, planning, and administration of public human services programs. 

36th Annual NAPIPM Education Conference

August 8-11, 2016

Silver Legacy Hotel, Reno, NV

Presentation materials from the 2016 Conference available here. 

*Only presentations where presenters granted permission are available.



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Big Tent - Since October 2010, the NAPIPM board has sponsored a social networking site called "The NAPIPM Community." Its purpose is to expand NAPIPM's ability to collect and disseminate important program information that assists states in making informed decisions. To join today click here


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