Who We Are


The organization consists of public administrators, directors, chiefs, specialists or other officials responsible for child care or early childhood education programs in whole or in part at a statewide level. The NASCCA membership shares promising practices among NASCCA members, guides the development of APHSA child care policy and influences national legislation and social policy that enhance the ability of states to administer the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). 

Our Mission 
To support child care administrators in their development, implementation and evaluation of child care programs that are responsive and accountable to the needs of low-income working families. 

Our Work 
NASCCA's work is conducted through regular meetings and ongoing discussions about the law, policy, regulations and innovations that define the CCDF program and how it functions today. NASCCA convenes national discussions on Congressional bills, legislation and federal regulations to examine impact on the CCDF program and the child care administrators who run this program. Click here for the NASCCA bylaws. 

Our Goals 

  • To shape and influence a national policy and program agenda that recognizes child care/early childhood development from birth through school age years as central to the well-being and economic viability of communities and families;
  • To examine, develop, and promote ideas, tools, practices and models to evaluate and improve program performance within and across programs in members' states;
  • To provide professional and leadership development opportunities for child care program administrators to assist in building and maintaining high-performance organizations;
  • To establish ongoing working relationships with critical partners, including governmental, business, not-for-profit and for-profit stakeholders, to further the goals and objectives of the affiliate; and
  • To interface with other affiliates and APHSA administration to further the goals and objectives of other affiliates and APHSA.

Our Members 
In addition to work in the child care field, NASCCA also exists to provide our membership with opportunities for peer-to-peer networking and technical assistance. Click here for a list of NASCCA membership benefits and click here to learn more about becoming a member. The membership is led by an Executive Committee, which makes key decisions and provides direction for the work of NASCCA and our members. Click here for a list of our Executive Committee members.



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