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IT Solutions Management for Human Services (ISM) is an association of Health and Human Services (HHS) information technology professionals representing federal, state, and local governments, from the U.S., its Territories, Canada, other countries, as well as the private sector. We promote solutions that support the mission and vision of HHS programs. ISM advocates on behalf of state and local Health and Human Services entities to federal agencies for improvements in policies, processes and procedures. We promote best practices in Information Technology by sharing innovative solutions, connecting IT professionals, and collaborating with our private sector partners. 





NWI WEBINAR: Advancing Integration through Analytics

June 2, 2014, 2-3pm EDT


Based on APHSA's recently released Analytic Capability Roadmap 1.0 for Human Service Agencies developed by the NWI, speakers on this webinar will provide timely information from the perspective of state/local governments and the industry on five key questions:

  • What is meant by "Analytics," especially in the context of Human Services?
  • What is the Human Services Capability Assessment Model and how can it be used?
  • What should be kept in mind when dealing with analytics?
  • What steps should an organization take now to prepare for using analytics?
  • If additional assistance is desired, what are the basic tenets of a good analytics RFP?
Speakers include:
-Rick Friedman, Health and Human Services Consultant, APHSA (former State Systems Director, CMCS/CMS/HHS)
-Howard Hendrick, Director Human Services Business Strategy, Accenture (former Commissioner of OK Department of Human Services)
-Elena Nicolella, Chief of Policy & Innovation, Executive Office of Health and Human Services, RI
-Dave Towne, Health Consultant
-Mike Wirth, Special Advisor on eHHR Integration, VA Health and Human Resources Agency

May 13, 2014: NASCIO Requests Extension to A-87 Exception



April 23 & 24, 2014 - NWI's 4th Annual Convening

This year's convening focused on the lower levels of operational maturity relative to the APHSA Health and Human Service Maturity Model identified by state and local health and human service agency leaders through the self-assessments conducted in 2013 and how they are addressing thse as they continue to transform their agency operations. 


Attendees included:

State representatives from AZ, CO, CT, DC, ID, IL, MN, NY, OK, RI, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT & WA

Local representatives from Dakota County, MN & Montgomery County, MD

Federal representatives from ACF, CMS & FNS

Industry Partners including Accenture, AT&T, CGI, Deloitte, Microsoft, and PCG

Other Partners including CLASP, NAMD, NASCIO, NGA & SOC


Agenda & Presentations:

Agenda for NWI 2014 Annual Convening


Necessity of Business Process Reengineering in Transformation:

Cemere James, Deputy Director, Work Support Strategies/CLASP


Opportunities for Service Delivery Integration & Collaborative Practice Models

Alice Lind, Director of Grants & Program Development, WA Health Care Authority

Liz Misa, Deputy Medicaid Director, New York Department of Health

Stephanie Radtke, Deputy Director, Dakota County Community Services, MN


Workforce in an Integrated Environment

Nikki Hatch, Deputy Executive Director, Office of Children, Youth & Families, CO Department of Human Services



2014 Healthcare IT Connect Summit Sessions Now Posted!

Register here to access the slides and watch all of the panel sessions including those with:


Tracy Wareing, Executive Director, APHSA


Shell Culp, Chief Deputy Director, Office of Systems Integration, California Health and Human Services Agency


Marina Havan, CIO, Department of Human Services, District of Columbia


Sarjoo Shah, Cluster CIO, Eligibility and Insurance Business Segment, Oklahoma Office of State Finance




APHSA's National Workgroup on Integration recently released a white paper, A-87 Exception Toolkit for Human Service Agencies: Description of the Exception and Recommendations for Action, on the remaining opportunities available for human service agencies to benefit from a range of information technology services and components under the OMB A-87 Cost Allocation Exception. The report was released on a joint webinar with APHSA and State Systems Directors' from ACF, CMS & FNS on January 23, 2014. Click here to access the slides. 



ISM 2013

Thanks to all who attended the 2013 ISM Conference, for making it such a success. 


Presentations from the conference are posted here.


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ISM 2012 

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5th Annual State Healthcare IT Connect Summit

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