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The New Economy and Child Care: Nonstandard-Hour Work, Child Care, and Child Health and Well-Being

APHSA has teamed with Mathematica to create this report examining how changing work schedules of mothers with young children is linked to child care instability and problems for children’s health and well-being. Analysis of a nationwide survey finds young children of mothers who face changing work schedules are at increased risk for behavior problems; while interviews with state child care administrators reveal their concern about the ability to serve these families. The report recommends alternative ways to offer child care assistance to working parents with nonstandard hours and better infrastructure to serve them.

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Gainful employment and independence are one of the key outcome areas APHSA seeks to impact through a transformed human service system. For low-income people, having a job and staying in the workforce is critical to achieving economic mobility and greater well-being. However, many low-income people do not have equal access to opportunity, and face barriers to full participation in our nation's economy. Human service agencies and their partners play a critical role in supporting access to opportunity, employment, self-sufficiency, and more significant individual capacity for low-income individuals and families.

The APHSA Center for Employment & Economic Well-Being (CEEWB) was established to be a central source of information, resources, discussion and development relating to workforce engagement and gainful employment.

APHSA’s Center for Employment and Economic Well-Being (CEEWB) partners with APHSA members, stakeholders, and partners to:

  • Advance best practices, resources, and innovative solutions that will help move low-income individuals into jobs that have sustainable career pathways.
  • Leverage the knowledge and resources of public, nonprofit, and private sectors toward these goals.
  • Identify and support public policies that provide the opportunities, resources, and flexibility needed to strengthen individuals, families, and communities through successful engagement in the workforce.

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APHSA's response and section by section analysis of the Nutrition Title of H.R.2 – The Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (Farm Bill)

APHSA and CEEWB in partnership with AASD, ISM, and NAPIPM are pleased to release: The Future of SNAP – A Modern and Responsive Program.

APHSA and CEEWB in partnership with NASTA are pleased to release: TANF at 20 – Time for Rational Changes.


Did you miss CEEWB's latest webinar, Leading Change: Ramping-Up Your State's SNAP Employment & Training Program? Don't worry; you can view the recording here.

Please click here for a list of upcoming Employment and Economic Well-Being focused webinars from APHSA and affiliated organizations.

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